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Rough Sea Oil.jpg

Rough Sea

Night Out in Salisbury Pastel 36 x 42.jpg

Night Out in Salisbury - SOLD
Pastel 36 x 42cms

Forest Colours Oil 33 x 33cms.jpg

Oriental Garden
Acrylic 39 x 39cms

Shades and Sunlight SOLD
Acrylic 24 x 24cms

Snowdrops 1 Oil 24 x 24cms.jpg

Snowdrops 1
Oil 24 x 24cms

Forest Colours 2
Oil 33 x 33cms

Hidcote Oil 39x39.jpg

Hidcote Gardens
Oil 38 x 38cms

Garden at Farley Almhouses 40x40cms.jpg

Garden at Farley Almshouses - SOLD
Oil 40 x 40cms

French Landscape Oil.jpg

French Landscape

Spire View
Acrylic 36 x 36cms

Autumn Florals
Oil 32 x 32cms

Through the Garden Oil.jpg

Through the Garden

Sunset at Giverny Oil 46 x 25.jpg

Sunset over the Seine
Oil 46 x 25cms

Sunlit Garden Oil.jpg

Sunlit Garden

Compton Vernay Oil 43x43.jpg

Compton Verney
Oil 43 x 43cms

Snowdrops 2 Oil 22 x 22cms.jpg

Snowdrops 2  - SOLD
Oil 22 x 22cms 

April Bluebells Oil 34 x 34.jpg

April Bluebells - SOLD
Oil 34 x 34cms

Summer Memories 65 x 65.jpg

Summer memories - SOLD
Oil 65 x 65cms

Saturday Morning Coffee 44 x 44cms.jpg

Saturday Morning Coffee
Oil 44 x 44cms

Giverny in Summer Actylic 38 x 38.jpg

Giverny in Summer
Oil 38 x 38cms

Bridge at Mottisfont 36x36cms.jpg

Bridge at Mottisfont
Watercolour 36 x 36cms

Winter bouquet 44 x 44cms.jpg

Winter Bouquet
Oil 44 x 44cms

Music on a Sunday Afternoon wc 45 x 34cms.jpg

Music on a Sunday Afternoon
Watercolour 45 x 34cms

Summer Assortment watercolour 53x44 £390.jpg

Summer Assortment
Watercolour 53 x 44cms

Water Gardens in June
Oil 32 x 36cms

Olive Trees & Poppies 28 x 29cms.jpg

Olive Trees & Poppies
Oil 28 x 28cms

Waterlillies Oil 24 x 24.jpg

Oil 24 x 24cms 

Rosy Bunch SOLD
Oil 29 x 29cms

Giverny Reflections Acrylic 33 x 33cms.jpg

Giverny Reflections
Acrylic 33 x 33cms

Stormy Sky Oil 20x20.jpg

Stormy Sky SOLD
Oil 20 x 20cms

Wild Lupins Oil 32 x 32cms.jpg

Wild Lupins - SOLD 
Oil 32 x 32cms

Summer Glory 65 x 65cms.jpg

Summer Glory
Oil 65 x 65cms

Winter Shadows
Oil & Pastel

To the Spire 2
Oil 28 x 28cms

Bluebells in the Copse
Oil 36 x 36cms

Mid-winter Sun
Oil 24 x 24cms

All oil and acrylic paintings (unless marked unframed) are finished in a white wooden frame as shown below.

Watercolour paintings are unframed.

The size stated in the description of the painting refers to the actual painting and does not include the frame.
The frame adds approximately 5cms on each side for small paintings and 7cms for larger ones.

Colourful June Garden
Acrylic 48 x 48cms

Alpine Chapel Acrylic 29 x 29.jpg

Alpine Chapel - SOLD
Acrylic 29 x 29cms

Bluebells in the Copse Oil 36 x 36cms.jpg
To the Spire 2 Oil 28 x 28cms.jpg
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