la Finca Malaga early morning watercolou

La Finca, Malaga, early morning 29x36cms

Watercolours are my first love and I used them almost exclusively for 20 years. Since around 2002, however, I decided to embrace the challenge of other mediums but I never stopped painting with watercolours. I love the looseness and fluidity which they allow. When I go out or travel, I always take a watercolour pad and paints with me and will stop and paint  whenever possible. I often use a watercolour sketch as a starting point for a larger painting.

Prices start at £120, including mount and postage. Commissions gladly accepted.

Midday Shadows La Finca watercolour 25cm

Midday Shadows, La Finca 25x30cms

Corbieres SW France watercolour 25 x 25c

Corbieres south west France 23x25cms

Church Shadows, Monmouth.jpg

Church Shadows, Monmouth

Alonissos  watercolour 48 x 37cm.JPG

Alonissos 48x37cms

Mannion Bay.jpg

Mannion Bay, Bowen Island 30x22cms

Suzie's Garden 34 x 34cms.jpg

Suzie's Garden - SOLD

Farley Church.jpg
Linda's Bouquet.jpg

Linda's Bouquet

Salisbury in Spring 35x25.jpg

Salisbury in Spring 35x25cms

Farley Church - SOLD

My Garden 30x21.jpg

My Garden 30x21cms

Salisbury High Street in Summer 38x34cms
Salisbury High Street in Summer 38x34cms
All Saints Church, Winterslow 30x22cms.j
All Saints Church, Winterslow 30x22cms
Queens Street, Salisbury 35 x 26.jpg
Mompesson House, Salisbury.jpg
Mompesson House, Salisbury

Queens Street, Salisbury 35x26

Wiltshire Thatch 37x29cms.jpg

Wiltshire Thatch 37x29cms

Dying Daffodiles 36x27cms.jpg

Dying Daffodils - SOLD

Valentine Bouquet 44x35cms.jpg

Valentine Bouquet 44x35cms

Bridge at Mottisfont 36x36cms.jpg

Bridge at Mottisfont 36x36cms

Goodrich Castle, Ross-on-Wye.jpg

Goodrich Castle

Lochan Deo, Cairngorm.jpg

Lochan Deo, Cairngorm