Pastel 1.jpg

Late Summer, Winterslow 40x30cms

Pastel 2.jpg

Gola del Diavolo, 29x40cms

Pastel 4.jpg

Spring in Winterslow 46x46cms

I have recently been producing more pastel paintings because I enjoy the immediacy and vibrant colours. I use soft pastels and like to break them in half and use them on their side to create quick, large shapes. I use them to make sketches before doing an oil painting of the same subject.

Prices start at £120 for a mounted pastel painting

Pastel 3.jpg

Porth Joke Beach, Cornwall 38x26cms

Summer Poppy Field.jpg

Summer Poppy Field 40x40cms

Pincroft Lane 39x27cms.jpg

Pincroft Lane - SOLD