Oils & Acrylics

My Garden in June.jpg

My Garden in June

Market day in Provence oil 30cm x 30cm.j

Market Day in Provence 28x28cms

Salisbury market Square oil.jpg

Salisbury Market Square - SOLD

Old Harry Rocks 19x19cms.jpg
Spire view Spring oil 24cm x 24cm.jpg

Spire View Spring 22x22cms

Jermyn's House Hilliers oil 35cm x 35cm.

Jermyn's House, Hilliers - SOLD

Bentley Bluebells oil 49cm x 49cm.jpg

Bentley Bluebells - SOLD

I enjoy using a palette knife for oils and acrylics because I like to produce quick, impressionistic shapes with texture. I also prefer a knife because it's easy to wipe clean unlike a brush which needs a lot more effort. I add liquid impasto to thicken the paint.

I paint on primed MDF board with an underpainting of acrylic, before applying the oil paint.

prices start at £120 for a framed painting

Old Harry Rocks 19x19cms



Cottage Garden, 54x54cms

Salisbury Close Garden.jpg

Salisbury Close Garden

Winter Frost Oil 34x34.jpg
Spring Sheep 57x59.jpg

Springtime Sheep 58x59cms

Winter Frost 34x34cms

Cottages on the Black Isle Oil 45 x 45.j

Cottages on the Black Isle 45x45cms

Summer Stormclouds 30x30cms.jpg

Summer Storm Clouds 30x30cms

Saturday Market 28x28cms.jpg
Mottisfont River Walk Oil 49 x 49.jpg

Mottisfont River Walk - SOLD

Annette Painting Acrylic 45 x 45.jpg

Annette Painting 45x45cms

Lake District 32x26cms.jpg

Lake District 32x26cms

Saturday Market Oil 28 x28cms

April Showers 44x35cms.jpg

April Showers 44x35cms

Garden at Farley Almhouses 40x40cms.jpg

Garden at Farley Almhouses 40x40cms

Coleton Fishacre Acrylic 60x60 cma.jpg

Coleton Fishacre 60 x 60cms

November in Bentley Woods  26x34cms.jpg

November in Bentley Woods 26 x 34cms

June Poppies 40x40cms.jpg

June Poppies 40x40cms